Why does gear haul cost so much?

Gear haul cost may seem a bit high, but the cost is based by the trip, not by the bag or amount of gear. This makes it much more reasonable for a larger group.

Here on the island, many factors play a part in doing business in the interior. Because the interior is overseen by Private Land Management (PLM) and is not a State Park, there are many regulations that must be met. We are privileged to be one of only a couple of permitted companies to do gear haul in the interior of the island.

Other interesting facts about transportation on the island and interior include:

  • Gas on the island ranges anywhere from $7.00-$7.55 per gallon
  • Permits are required from two governing bodies: City Hall & the Catalina Island Conservancy
  • Speed limit in the interior is 25 mph and makes everything a leisurely drive
  • Two Harbors, which is only 18 miles away from Avalon, is a 1.5 hour drive one way, making it a 3 hour round trip.
  • Parsons Landing, which is 25.8 miles away from Avalon, is about 2 hours one way, making it a 4 hour round trip.