Los Angeles, California

I have hiked all over Catalina for my entire life, but I could not have done this hike without Catalina Backcountry's terrific help.  Last Sunday I hiked the entire length of the island (35 miles) in just over 15 hours.  It was arranged to pick me up with my first co-hiker in Avalon at 3:30 a.m. to drive us to the east end of the island so that he and I could begin our hike, with headlamps, at 4:40 a.m.  On Sunday afternoon they left Avalon in a 4-wheel drive vehicle and drove nearly the entire length of the island, catching up to me and my third co-hiker (my wife Sue) on the West End Road near Parsons Landing at 6 p.m.  They drove on ahead and made sure that we made the right choices at each fork to reach the end of Land's End Road (past the trail to Starlight Beach) right at sunset (8 p.m.).  What a hike, what an island, what an experience! If you need help for a hike or other activity on Catalina, I highly recommend Catalina Backcountry, and even more so if you don't know the interior of the island.

Sierra Madre, California

My brother and I hiked the Trans Catalina Trail from Avalon to Two Harbors in July 2012.  Catalina Backcountry did a spectacular job of organizing the trip for us.  We were told their goal was to have us so enjoy the hike so that when we finished, we would want to return to Catalina -- and we do!  Enough questions were asked about us, our interests and our abilities, to be able to recommend a schedule at a pace we could enjoy.  Catalina Backcountry made all the arrangements and her preparations were superb.  We arrived at each campsite to find everything we needed waiting for us.  Like magic, our food supplies were re-stocked each day, and all we had to do was hike from one campsite to the next with our daypacks.  I have used similar services in other locations and Catalina Backcountry is one of the very best.

San Diego, California

Just returning from a hike we coordinated thru Catalina Backcountry in October 2014.  Catalina Backcountry was the best...not only was everything we ask delivered, but they went above and beyond.  From special dietary requirements, tips on which camp spots were best to sharing some of the fascinating history of the island.  The smallest of details of our 3-day, 38 mile hike were thought through so we could enjoy Catalina to the fullest.

You can see a genuine love of Catalina that adds to the whole experience of this beautiful place on Earth.

If considering exploring Catalina, you can't go wrong with Catalina Backcountry.

Menlo Park, CA

Best Advice!

Deanna at Catalina Backcountry knows the island!! She gave us the best hiking and travel advice. Thanks to her we enjoyed a most memorable and fantastic trip!!

Scottsdale, Arizona

Big Thanks to Catalina Backcountry!

We were a party of 6 from Scottsdale with an average age in the late 50's. We hired Catalina Backcountry to assist us with gear, meals and transportation.  We started our trek from Hermit Gulch and was met with our tents, sleeping bags, pads, and pillows along with a gourmet dinner that consisted of main course, salad, desert and wine. The next morning our rented gear was picked up and we had coffee delivered 6 am. Advice was given to us on which route to take as some roads/trails had damage and then arrangements were made to pick us up at the end of our trek at Parson's Landing. In addition to getting us back to Avalon, we had a great tour of the island! We stopped at several scenic lookouts, learned much about the islands history and present, as well as stopped by an Eagle Sanctuary where we saw a Bald and Golden Eagle.

A big thanks goes out to Catalina Backcountry, as well as the chef who prepared our gourmet dinner.

If you are looking for any assistance on a backpacking or hiking trip, I highly recommend calling Catalina Backcountry.

Calgary, Canada

Catalina backcountry did it all!

As my girlfriends and I (5 of us around 50 yrs old)  are getting older we think we deserve some luxury.  We contacted Catalina Backcountry and asked them to carry our camping gear from campsite to campsite and also to take care of all meals for us.  It was FANTASTIC! Catalina Backcountry did it all.  Booked hotels before and after trip and did all our shopping and organizing.  All we had to do is hike this amazing trail and enjoy the views.  I would do it again anytime as I just sooooo deserve some luxury!