Meet our Naturalists

Catalina Backcountry Naturalists

MEET: Amanda Kenyon

Level 2 Certified Naturalist | CPR certified

Amanda grew up amongst the sea and mountains of Southern California before moving to Catalina Island. Amanda loves being a naturalist and sharing the treasure trove of natural beauty that Catalina has to offer. She enjoys empowering our hikers & campers to break away from life’s fast pace and rest in the beauty of the Island amongst the natural attractions of bison, foxes, succulents, and Native American quarries at their own comfort level.

“Catalina Backcountry enables me to share my passion for nature with other individuals. We allow guests to create the hiking adventure they desire.” – Amanda.

With a variety of different hikes and camping options tailored to your requests, Amanda contributes to our goal of personable excellence. She wants everyone to experience the peace and freedom that comes from intentionally disconnecting from the busyness of life. She loves seeing our guests encountering wildlife – bison, deer, foxes, birds, eagles, and snakes to name a few.

MEET: Linda Salo

Certified Naturalist

Linda is one of our passionate naturalists who enjoys being able to hike the trails and backcountry of Catalina Island because “Every day is a new experience.” With an ever changing landscape ranging from fields of wildflowers, herds of bison, island fox, blue skies and beautiful clouds, and of course the wide expanse of the constantly changing ocean, Linda enjoys sharing our beautiful island with visitors. With a variety of activity options to fit any hiking or camping adventure, Linda educates people on native plants, animals, the history of Avalon and what it’s like living on this magnificent island. Linda started volunteering in 1992 and has done bison census, GPS mapping, fence walking & removal, wildflower walks, seed collecting, non native plant removal and a host of other activities.